Founded in the UK in 2016, Affinity Vision began its journey of revolutionising the way recruitment is done within the Vision & Imaging industry before expanding its expertise into AI, Machine Learning and Sensor technologies.

Mass market research showed there was little or no truly 'specialist' resource for these very niche but rapidly growing sectors. According to one of the worlds largest Market Research Stores, Research and Markets, the Vision, Imaging and AI markets were to be the fastest growing in the world in the coming years and a talent gap was inevitable.

With an already growing (and large!) 'talent gap' in the industry on a global scale, Affinity Vision is here to bridge that gap, make it easier for employers to find the right talent for their team and to connect the best talent on the market with the most exciting businesses!

We have invested heavily into building what is one of (if not THE) largest network of industry specific professionals in the World across a wide array of disciplines focused predominantly on the UK, Europe and US.

Along with our commitment to nurturing our network of existing professionals, we are the driving force behind introducing new, fresh talent to the industry.



Our five values are at the core of everything we do and represent the businesses and professionals we work with who share these values.

We strive to continue to provide a truly world calls, specialist service and to do so, we must ensure Diversity, Respect, Commitment, Inspiration and Innovation!